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How To Choose The Right Flesh light For Your Masturbation Experience

In my experience being a sex toy blogger, I have noticed that different guys prefer different modes of masturbation. While some guys like to use their hands, there are other guys that are stepping out of their comfort zones and opting to purchase different sex toys to enhance the orgasmic experience that they have at the end of their masturbation sessions.

The Flesh light male sex toy is a special type of toy that allows guys that like to give their cocks a few yanks now and again a new way to masturbate. These toys are available in many different forms, and they feature some unique physical attributes that will entice you both physically and aesthetically.

Choosing A Flesh light To Use For Your Masturbation Encounters

I’m pretty sure that for some guys choosing a male masturbator to use can be a difficult task. However, there are a few things that you can do to make your decision a little less complex. First of all, you need to ask yourself what your masturbation style is. Are you the type of guy that likes to fuck a girl in her pussy, her ass, or her mouth?

Depending on your answer to this question, will depend on what type of flesh light will satisfy you sexually. There are toys that are designed to look like you are pushing your hard cock into the opening of a tight wet pussy, but then there are toys that look like the succulent opening to a ladies mouth. It can be hard to decide upon what type of way to fuck a girl when she is in your presence, but deciding on what turns you on during sex should not be that difficult.

Most guys choose to not admit that they are attracted to one type of sexual encounter over the other. For example, my husband who is usually an ass man is always asking to have anal sex. So, if I were to pick him up a flesh light, I would definitely want to get him a male masturbator that emulates the appearance of a ladies anus.

Once you have made up your mind about the type of flesh light that you want, then you need to think about the features that you want the toy to possess. Some of these masturbators have vibrating capabilities, while others do not. I will tell you that if you are an early cummer, then you should not get a vibrating toy. The sensations that the vibrations cause when they are pulsating against your hard cock are going to be more than enough to throw you over the edge.

Ok, so you have decided on the area of a ladies body that you like to fuck, and you have made on a decision on if you want a vibrating toy or a stationary one. After you have made these two decisions, you are going to need to think about one more thing, how do you want the flesh light to feel once your cock is buried inside of it?