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A monster dildo is a very special type of experience. If you’re ready for the challenge, test out a monster dildo.

Monster Dildo: The Biggest and the Best

Statistics say that nearly one-quarter of the population of the world has purchased a sex toy in their lives and best of all, you are ready for FapFapFap. That may seem like a relatively small number, but if you follow the trends you’ll see that more and more people are becoming open to exploring their sexuality with the use of toys. While the most common type of toy purchased is the dildo, it’s safe to assume that far fewer women have purchased a monster dildo.

These toys are certainly intimidating for many women, and it’s no surprise. The largest dildo ever made is known as “The Great American Challenge” and it is a full 14 inches long. While even these massive sex toys resemble a penis in terms of overall shape and proportions, that’s where the similarities stop. These toys aren’t really designed to provide a realistic experience – they’re more for fantasy play.

Most huge penetrators lack a vibration function. It would simply be too cumbersome to try and add vibration to a toy that is over a foot long and several inches of girth. The thing would probably weigh a few pounds and take 4 C batteries! Instead, these toys focus on delivering the most intense sensations that can be delivered by hand.

Using one of these toys is straightforward, but it’s important to take some extra precautions to ensure that using one is both safe and reasonably comfortable. Of course, for many women, the discomfort of using a monster dildo is part of the turn-on! Even so, the importance of lubricant can’t be overstated. Use a generous amount of lube to keep friction to a minimum. This way, the toy will slide in more easily. Either way it’s going to stretch the vagina to fit – the lube just makes that experience more pleasant.

If you want to really have the most fun with gigantic sex dildos, it’s really best to use them with a partner. With someone else to help you, it’s much easier to work these toys and provide you with the best pleasure. For many women, the fantasy when using these toys is that they are being taken by a forceful and powerful lover, and having another person be the driving force behind the toy can really help sell this fantasy as well.

Isn’t it about time that you went for something a little bigger? Go see what these great sex toys have in store for you!

Female Sex Toys For Anal Stimulation

Most women, when they hear the term female sex toys automatically assume that the toys that are being discussed are all intended for either g-spot stimulation or internal stimulation. However, anal female sex toys also fit on this list. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of ladies that have not tried anal stimulation. I believe that if you have never personally tried out anal masturbation, you simply cannot knock it until you give it a shot.

Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation is slightly different than typical female masturbation activities. We all know why anal masturbation is pleasing for guys, but why would a girl be interested in this type of experience. Well, to be honest with you, girls can obtain stellar orgasms from anal masturbation as well. Word to the wise, anal masturbation is not only a guy thing anymore.

Located inside of the female anus, you will be able to locate the backside of the female g-spot. Even though the actual female g-spot is located inside of a female’s vagina, the backside of this erogenous area can be found inside of the anal cavity. A lot of men that have not experimented with the anal cavity on their girlfriends, are actually unaware that any pleasure making sensations come from anal sex.

For women that enjoy anal stimulation, there are special female sex toys that are designed for this type of encounter. A few of my personal favorite anal masturbation toys are the Ladygasm Buzz, the Ladygasm Anal Explorer, and the Ladygasm Flex, also commonly known as anal beads.


The Ladygasm Buzz- The Ladygasm Buzz is one hell of an anal stimulator. The toy does have a fairly aggressive size, so it is important that you do not let the mere size of this toy intimidate you. The Ladygasm Buzz has vibrating capabilities. It features a curved top surface that is supposed to meet up with the backside of your female g-spot, once it is inserted inside of your anal cavity.

Ladygasm Anal Explorer- The Ladygasm Anal Explorer is a small anal stimulation toy. The toy is approximately eight inches long, but it has a diameter of only 1.5 inches. A lot of women that are contemplating engaging in anal sex choose to use the Ladygasm Anal Explorer female sex toys before ever attempting to engage in the act.

Ladygasm Flex- The Ladygasm Flex is my all time favorite female sex toy. This toy, also commonly referred to as anal beads, are great for women that are starting to stem an interest in anal sex, and also great for women that have been engaged in some type of anal stimulation before. The toy features several different sized beads. Right before you reach orgasm, you can give the beads a slight tug to increase the intensity. Anal beads are a unisex sex toy. This means, this toy can be used by men or women.

Anal masturbation is becoming a popular way for a lot of females to masturbate. Even though a lot of people believe that anal masturbation does not do anything for females, these individuals couldn’t be anymore wrong. By using female sex toys that are designed for anal masturbation, you will receive a mind blowing orgasm that will make you question why you never tried anal masturbation in the past.